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Construction Worker


KD Shipyard Repairs, LLC stays current on all government standards (such as NSTMs, ABS, NACE, NBPI, NAVSEA Standard Items, etc.) and other concerns that contractors can encounter, such material issues, subcontractors, or suppliers.  We are also NAVSEA 04RP certified.

KDSR, uses industry-proven standards, including those from the US Navy, DOD, and Coast Guard, in order to ensure the best possible testing, procedure development, calibration, for each task completed. KDSR, QA (Level 3) holds certification to conduct testing and design procedures for any necessary fitting, welding, and structural repair on US Government vessels.

KD Shipyard Repairs, LLC is an active member on the VSRA QA Committee.  The QA committee works together with local government representatives to resolve port specific issues. 

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